Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time Killing

I have 10 minutes to kill before I head out into the biting wind to orchestra rehearsal. Somehow, at the moment, it doesn't seem worth it:). But I shall don my fuzzy green and yellow Packers hat and triumph.

I always feel sort of irresponsible when I find myself trying to "kill time." That's an interesting phrase. Why "kill" it? Well, I understand what the phrase means, but why not something a little friendlier? I don't know. I'm just killing more time by pondering useless nuggets of nonsense that will never really benefit my life in any way, shape or form in the long run. Yet, I do it so much!

I noticed in talking to a friend today that I argue, playfull of course, about the STUPIDEST things in the world, just because it's fun. I don't argue about the philosophical natures of Aristotle vs. Socrates, or the theology of CRC vs. Lutherans, or even the best way to end poverty.

What do I argue about? The origins of ninjas, why Viggo Mortensen is worth my time, and which LOST character best represents the human condition. Hey, wait! That one's legit!

Ok, I think I've sliced and diced this time quite enough. It's bloody and begging for mercy. Off to orchestra!


Katie said...

So profound for only ten minutes! ;)

Jessica said...

Don't kill time, Laura! You must snuggle it into submission!