Monday, September 13, 2010

Pizza Toppings

I’m not a very picky person. In fact, there are few things in life that I won’t try at least once.

This holds true for food, too. I’ll give anything one shot. On the flip side, if left to my own devices, I’d probably be able to count the variety of my cuisine on my own two hands. I stick to what I know unless prompted in a different direction, but when that happens, hey, why not?

That being said, pizza is a whole new ballpark. I won’t budge on olives. Olives or pepperoni. Pizza is a tricky area. You can put just about anything on pizza, so when someone asks me what toppings I like, I’ve figured out that I can’t say “almost anything.” Where pizza is concerned, anything could literally mean anything. I will eat most of the normal toppings, however. Of the normal toppings, I will usually say the only one I don’t like is pepperoni.

After lunch today, I expanded my list of pizza don’ts to pepperoni and olives. Granted, I knew going into my pizza (literally) that I did not like olives. I thought I’d be polite, however, and eat it anyway. Besides, I’d never had olives on pizza before. Sometimes I like things I don’t think I will.

A valuable lesson has been learned. Not only that I don’t like olives on pizza, but also that I can be polite and express my opinion. Next time someone asks me if I like olives on pizza, I will politely respond “no thank you.” Sometimes it's just worth the risk of offending someone...politely.

It’s ok to have an opinion. In fact, I’ve found that most people prefer that to going with the flow so much that you almost cease to exist. If you want to push against the flow because it’s your honest opinion, do it! But politely, of course;). I think I may be working on that lesson until the day I die, but I can start with pizza.

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