Sunday, February 24, 2008


Well, Katie and Anna asked for another post, so this for you guys:)
Hmmm...what is new in my life? Well, "Dead Man Walking" is currently in production, so this is a fairly busy time for us costume shop workers. I worked the play tonight and last night. Basically we sit down in the dressing rooms during the shows and are prepared to fix and "wardrobe malfunctions." All I did tonight was cut some dangling threads. But hey, we get paid for it! Oh, and we clean the dressing rooms after everyone's gone. Fun times.

The show itself is really good...though I'm sure I exactly agree with it. It's about a man on death row. Very powerful stuff, and everyone involved did/is doing an excellent job. There was a responder tonight who watched the show and then critiqued it afterwards, which also went pretty well, I thought.

School is going pretty well. Not much to report there. Life is still insane, as usual. People are still insane, as usual;). Katie and Anna, if you want the specifics on that, give me a call:). Oh wait, I don't have my phone right now. E-mail! Or facebook message!

Ok, to everyone NOT Anna and Katie (well, you guys, too), have a marvelous day/week/whenever you read this and I be happy:). This post wasn't too in-depth, but it was nice and informative:). TTFN!


david santos said...

Thanks for your posting and have a good week.

Anna said...

whoa! You don't want me to have a good day/week? Thanks a lot.

I would love to hear more about your school days, but unfortunately, I don't have your cell phone number! I didn't even know you had a cell phone! Will you email me with it? (unless by "right now" you meant an extended period of time... like a week...)

And, thank you for posting. You are a good cousin!

Are you coming to the reunion this year? I am trying to get time off...

Anna said...

...he he he he!... curvature :-)

Kloppy said...

i love you laura.

Anna said...

Laura, what do you do in between posts?