Monday, August 9, 2010

Someone's Gotta Do It

I sit patiently, quietly and inconspicuously at a little desk at the rear of the Canton High School Public Library. Surrounded by knowledge, Great Illustrated Classics, posters of modern-day children’s books-turned-movies and a panel of board members discussing the price of school lunches for going on 30 minutes now.

I’m supposed to be covering the Canton Board of Education monthly meeting right now. Which…I am. There’s just room for…not listening, I suppose. The current item of discussion is disciplinary action of less-than-satisfactory academic standards. The biggest issue last meeting was how much money should be spent on basketballs. Of course, one meeting was mostly about drug testing. So there can be variety. But there can also be half-hour debates over the age of prom dates.

Welcome to the world of school boards. This is the way they work. Someone has to make these decisions, mundane as they may seem. And someone has to alert the public, keep them informed. That’s what I get to do. It could be worse…I could be getting bored and not being paid for it, right?

Observing the library is also somewhat entertaining. I’m appalled to see the Twilight series displayed in at least two different locations on the library walls. *sigh* I suppose they know what sells.

And now, I get to figure out how to sell a meeting discussing school lunch prices and facial hair policies to the public of Canton. I always did enjoy a good challenge.

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