Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lazy Days

Morning crept in through the slits in my bedroom blinds as I rolled over to silence my vibrating cell phone. My phone/clock/alarm has its own spot on my bed, between my head and second pillow. The proximity ensures both timeliness and laziness (I like not having to leave my bed to silence the alarm).

The vigorous vibrato pulsed through my pillow as I thought to myself, "Drat. It's Saturday. I forgot to turn the alarm off." Grabbing the phone, I realized it was not the alarm, but a text message from my brother. At 10:13 a.m., I suppose it may as well have been an alarm.

I replied to my brother and rolled over again, hugging my pillow and basking in the simple joy that I could stay in bed just because I wanted to. I had nowhere to be. It seems the last countless weekends have been eaten up by appointments and obligations of some sort. Some fun, some not so fun, but sometimes, it just feels good to do absolutely nothing.

Once I finally dragged myself out of bed, I was greeted like clockwork with a good morning from Mom, a vigorous hug from Tabby and fresh coffee, also compliments of Tabby.

I sat down at the kitchen bar and thought to myself, what shall I do today? What a wonderful question. Not out of boredom, but freedom. Sports Center is on, also a clockwork greeting in the kitchen. Tabby is coloring a United States coloring book. Educational AND fun! Mom is preparing cinnamon rolls for the Easter breakfast tomorrow morning.

Now, late afternoon, Tabby is still coloring. We're buddies for the day, since Mom and Dad are out on a date night and the rest of the kids are off playing tennis, or something. Tabby and I have frosted the cinnamon rolls, made, cut out and decorated a bunny cake, researched pig cakes, watched a terrible sci-fi movie and are currently culminating the afternoon in a viewing of "The Fellowship of the Ring" and trying to decide what to do for dinner.

I guess there really wasn't a purpose in this post, other than celebrating my purposeless day. Every once in a while, those days are nice. I'll enjoy it today, because I know it'll be gone tomorrow.

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