Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Is it a "happy-to-be-alive" day?

...down came the snow and washed the color out.
No, actually, last night the snow was abosultely gorgeous. I was working on a paper till about 2am last night (ok, maybe it wasn't ALL paper writing, maybe there was a LITTLE "Lost" watching...) and when I walked back to my dorm there were the most gorgeous, big fat flakes of snow falling that I had ever seen. It was more like floating than falling. And it wasn't terribly cold. Perfect. *sigh*

I'm doing remarkably well at this whole posting thing (just wait till break, though). Today has been a constructive day, at best. I went to class! I think that can be classified as constructive. Aslo, I am currently getting paid to sit here and type. That's right. Work was cancelled because of the eventful fire incident in the theatre department the other day. And seeing as how the costume shop is a part of that, we aren't allowed in due to smoke smells (or something), but we still get paid for when we would've normally worked:). No complaints here.

Tonight shall entail orchestra, dinner, and writing about ballet. Yay! That's right, I get to write about ballet. We have a personal choice essay due on Friday and I am writing mine on the origins of ballet. In the words of Sonja...*celebratory hand motions*. And that is all...for now. May you all have a most joyous and splendiferous "happy-to-be-alive" day. Because I'm happy that you're alive:).

Ok, and...bye.


Erin said...

Coordinates received; destination reached. Will explore presently.

lol your background makes me think of the moon for some reason. I'm doing well; school continues, babysitting continues, music continues... life as usual. I'm reading Jeremiah for the first time and finding it way better than I had thought.

Anna said...

Are you going to write about Mr. Pono? ;-)

(And yes, you are doing really fabulous with your frequent posts! I am eternally grateful.)

kallipareos said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh! Mr. Pono! Your post gave me all sorts of things to comment about, but Anna was right on!

I was going to remind you of the story you wrote about the poor girl who gets to go to a royal ballet academy that is run by a wicked king, and I think ends up in prison at one point. Do you remember that? I guess you have always been a writer. :)

Laurelin said...

Whoa whoa...I don't remember that!! Katie, you are going to have to refresh my memory...very vivdly!

Anna said...

YOU DON'T REMEMBER MISTER PONO?!?!?!?!!?????????????????? Laura, I'm shocked! He was going to divorce his wife and marry someone else... either you or Emily... I don't remember. But it was read in somebody's palm. Remember when we used to do that? OH I miss seeing you girls so much!

Laurelin said...

Oh, right! Of course I could NEVER forget Mr. Pono, I just didn't remember the details of the palm-reading:). I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU AND RELIVE THOSE MOMENTS!!