Sunday, March 9, 2008


I have no officially survived my first official bachelorette party (I've been to bridal showers before, but that doesn't count). Actually, I also survived planning and co-hosting it, too:). Hehe. It was great fun and there was much sketchiness had by all. Let's just say that mad libs at a bachelorette party turn from the path of innocence pretty darn quickly. And that's the extent of the detail to be posted on a blog:).

It's been a busy weekend. Eryn and I have been planning for that party for our friend Kirbee for the past month or so, and were up making food for it at 9am, and then it went till about 8:30ish, and right after that I ran back to campus for a band concert that Eryn and lots of other peoples I know were in, and then came back to my room and finished watching a movie called "Elizabeth," which was quite good. Very brutal, but good. Cate Blanchett makes one wicked queen (in a good way).

And now I'm going to tally all the homework that stands between me and spring break. As of now, off of the top of my head, I can think of one test and three papers. *sigh* But...its not a full school week! I pretty much am home free once I get past Wednesday. Then...HOME! And Adam will be home! I haven't seen him since Christmas. Apparently he had to spend the night in the airport that night...*guilty giggle*. Actually, I don't feel terribly guilty for giggling at him, I feel guilty more on account that I DON'T feel guilty. Haha, ok, I'm going to stop now.

Onward and homework. Huzzah. Happy Sunday to all!


kallipareos said...

I also liked that movie 'Elizabeth'. Apparently there's a sequel, which I kind of want to see.

Also, our Spring Breaks are at the same time. I can't wait!

Laurelin said...

Yeah, that's partially why I watched the first one, because I've been wanting to see the newer one (though I have always wanted to watch this one, too). Yay for spring break!!

Anna said...

A bachelorette party! *gasp* Did you talk about the moon's curvature?

Laurelin said..., but we talked about other curvature;)