Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Fun Has Arrived

Here it is, Monday night, and sadly the Windes' visit is now halfway through. But what a marvelous few days it has been!

First of all, Mom and Dad left with the younger kids (Hannah, Sam, and Tabby) to take Adam back to Texas on Friday morning, so it was up to the older kids to welcome the Windes' around 1am Saturday morning, technically (it felt like Friday night, so I'll just say that). We talked into the wee hours of the morning (2am, that is) about anything and everything, and fell into a content, exhausted sleep till late the next morning.

Saturday got off to a nice start with some breakfast and chatting amongst the older kids and Uncle Larry and Aunt Lois, and learning all sorts of interesting facts about where all the kids were, what they were doing, and anything else you'd ever want to know about us. A plan was born not only to get a tour of Daniel's medical school, but also of the bank where Jacob works:). We also heard some comical stories about our parents and grandparents, always good.

Around lunchtime, we left for our first adventure outside the house: Hobby Lobby! Sure enough, Aunt Lois, Emily, and Amanda all found at least one thing that met their sastisfaction. We ended up with some scrapbooking supplies and earring materials, which have yet to be used (but soon!). After Hobby Lobby, we made an excursion to Wal-Mart to print some picture while Amanda comtemplated the best solution to her camera/battery conundrum. After said adventures, we headed home to make a lovely feast of burritos. Then...eat! After eat, it was watch Olympics! And more olympics, and more and more to our hearts' content, and off to bed for some more chatting. Oh, and there was a nice walk in there somewhere.

Sunday morning brought the greetings of Mom and Dad back from Texas and church at 9am. For Bible class we had a video presentaton from a Christian comedian, which we thoroughly enjoyed:). After church we stopped by the cemetray to see Tarah's new headstone, and the Windes' saw her spot for the first time. It looks very nice.

After church we went home for some lunch and dove into scrapbooking, with Olympics always in the background. Then, pizza for dinner and more Olympics!

Each day just gets better and better, and today was no exception. We started off the morning wtih some breakfast and off to downtown Sioux Falls! This adventure included 10,000 Villages, an outdoor camping store, posing with various sculptures, rocking out to country music (and Chicago...), going into about 4 or 5 different restraunts before we found one that could accomadate Emily and Amanda (including one very comical diner waiter and a seedy looking Chinese place), being snubbed by a hoighty-toighty shoe saleswoman (but it's ok, we've concocted a plan for revenge), finding a nice little cafe for lunch, and a marevlous store called Zandbroz Variety that had everything from 50% off Hillary in '08 shirt:D. That was our favorite. Oh, and a book on how to get fat, and Mr. Bacon and Monsieur Tofu. What a day. And there were nice clothes stores in between, and witness to Emily's almost transformation into a fashionista/spoiled rich kid persona;). Oh, and planning my wedding and trying to save Emily from her gum addiction. *phew*

After the marvelous drive home, we left almost right away for Vermillion, SD to see Daniel's apartment and tour his medical school. Great fun. Even the "obscene" poll. Once we got back home (the drive included "Celebrities 101", taught by myself), dinner and...you guessed it...more olympics! And now Emily and Amanda are sleeping soundly as we are going to be up bright and early to go see my college tomorrow, and then hopefully head out to see where Jacob works. *sigh* Good thing I didn't wait till the end of their visit to post;) Oh, and I almost forgot the most important detail. There was a marvelous (can you tell I like that word?) thnuderstorm tonight and Amanda and I went for our walk in it:). Ok, good night!


Katie said...

Thank you for this post...it was highly appreciated by me!

I really don't know which part sounds best...hoity-toity shoe saleswoman? Emily's spoiled rich kid persona? Celebrities 101? Your walk in the rain? I am enjoying it all vicariously.

(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...

Good good good......