Friday, August 8, 2008

It's One 'O Dem Zippedee Doo-Dah Days...

Today is a good day! should be, anyway. Here are a few reasons why:

1) My LAST day of slavery at Hobby Lobby!!
2) I get to see an awesome friend that I haven't seen nearly all summer!
3) I get to see Emily and Amanda! (the awesomeness is not in this order, this is just the order they'll happen)
4) It's Friday, that's always good regardless.

Some other good news, the headstone for Tarah's grave finally came in. I don't know if any of you knew, but originally she went without one for a few weeks because that was the first time we visited the grave since her funeral and realized that she never got one. So, the cemetary put a temporary one there and we ordered her a nice one.

The temporary one, in the mean time, got sort of chopped up by lawnmowers and was even missing half the letters of her name. So, we've been kind of anxious for her to get the nice one, and it finally did come and was put in yesterday. There's supposed to be a picture of her on it too, but, ironically enough, the factory that makes the picture additions BURNED TO THE GROUND! Who woulda thunk...

So, at least she has the marker, just no picture yet. And now I have to get back to cleaning so Emily and Amanda actually have room to walk...:)

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Anna said...

Say hi to Emily and Amanda for me!

I bet Tarah's headstone is beautiful.