Friday, August 15, 2008

There And Back Again

Sadly, the excursions of the Windes’ family has now come and gone, and all we are left with are memories. *sigh* Until next year, that is;).

So, I shall continue where I left off, which I believe was Monday. So, Tuesday began another day of extravagant enjoyment (the enjoyment was extravagant, not the means by which we had it…) But anyway, Tuesday morning brought the early rise of Emily, Amanda and myself as we decided to make a trek to Dordt College for me to show them around! That was marvelous fun for me, because now they when I tell them of my college adventures they can envision just what I’m taking aboutJ . So, we drove out to Sioux Center, IA that morning at 7:30am sharp (I was so proud of them for being on time). We arrived a little before 8:30 due to road construction, but the tour was underway in no time. I showed them my classroom buildings, my dorm from the past 2 years, the auditorium where my concerts are, the music building, the campus center, and the apartment that I’ll be living this fall! Which happened to have a big fat cat in it…I can only hope it’s gone by the time I move in. Oh, and they got to meet my crazy future roommate Sonja and a few other lovely people. Oh, and I took them on a tour of Sioux Center, which took a whole 5 minutes or so:). The drive back was pleasant as we chatted and sang the whole way back, and also got to chat with a friendly road construction worker who had to have us wait and was very pleased that we didn’t “cuss him out” for a change:).

So, once back at the house it was off to the gas station with the entire Windes’ family (and myself tagging along, of course) to get a burrito made from Joel:) (where he works). They also got to meet our famous boss, Gary (well, he’s not my boss anymore, but used to be when we worked at DQ). After the delicious burritos and greetings from Joel, we were off to the very edge of Sioux Falls to get a tour of Jacob’s massive bankcard building, where he works. And what an impressive place it was! He has to wear a tie and has his own fancy cubicle (for those that don’t know, he’s an intern there doing computer security, important stuff). He showed us around and we even got to meet a very frie4ndly executive that Jacob didn’t even know. He asked me if there was marriage and kids in my future:).

After the back, we headed back home and made our earrings! That was great fun and they turned out really well. I think Aunt Lois got more excited about it than any of us:D. After jewelry, we wrote some letters to Ethan and I think went for another walk before Olympics that night….gymnastics! That didn’t go as well as we’d hoped, but still fun to watch, of course.
And that brings us to Wednesday…we got to sleep in! That was glorious. That morning when I got up I ran some errands with Mom while Amanda played some tennis and Emily did some reading. When Mom and I got back, Emily, Amanda, Peter, Sam, Andrew and I all got to go to the Vanderpans’ house and play their Wii and watch a movie on their theatre screen! That was definitely a highlight. We played beach volleyball with four players and took turns, and it was incredibly comical indeed, and much more fun. We also played some Wii mini golf and then Amanda, Emily and I watched ‘The Importance of Being Earnest” while the boys played the Wii some more. After a little while, everyone who had been left at the house eventually showed up there, too:). Uncle Larry even gave the Wii a shot. What a glorious afternoon.

Once we got home we did some dinner preparation and more Olympics:). Sadly, the Windes’ had to begin packing, also. Another fun highlight of the day was playing Scattergories after dinner with Jacob. I think it was Emily, Amanda, Jacob, Hannah, Andrew and I with Tabby being our letter selector. After the game we had a lovely college kids’ visiting session in the living room till Jacob went to bed, and then we dispersed shortly afterJ . As some of you well know, Emily after midnight is always a sight to see, and this night was no exception (oh, and she also somehow convinced me earlier to turn one of my earrings into a nose ring?!). After giggling profusely for I don’t even remember what reason, after Emily had been nuzzled in bed under her covers, crawled over to the other side where I was typing on the computer, and started laughing and said she had a sudden urge to pinch my nose. I couldn’t stop laughing for the next 5 minutes. You may have had to be there (thought I’m sure Katie will understand:P). It was hilarious. Once Emily finally fell asleep, Amanda and I chatted in bed for about 45 min. and then drifted off. And I actually practically didn’t sleep at all that night, and woke up at 5:30 to see them offL . Sad sad morning. They left the house around 6:00am and that was that. *sigh* What great fun it was. And thus concludes the events of the Windes’ family at our house.


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Anna said...

I can totally see Emily doing that!!

SK Schultz said...

it would also be a big adventure to actually blog and return my phone calls ;-)