Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Monday

Here I am, sitting on my apartment couch, watching the (hopefully) final inning of the Rockies/Phillies game. The Twins were swept tonight, and the Cardinals were swept yesterday. The Packers lost, Missouri lost, and Dordt lost. I was just thinking about what a bad week for sports it was. And then I was's a good thing there's more to life than sports, huh.

And's a new week! Technically, it's Monday now. Mondays are usually one of the longest days of the week, besides the fact that they're Mondays. Class till 3, work till 5, and orchestra till 10. The momentum from the weekend, however, can sometimes make or break my Mondays.

And my weekend was awesome. It started off with a Friday night with friends, games, drinks and snow. In fact, I got to walk outside back to my apartment in it. It was wonderful (but cold, since I was wearing flip flops). Saturday morning I was greeted bright and early by my two oldest brothers to take me to Seward, NE for a Dordt/Concordia football game. The game was terrible, but still fun, the main reason of the visit really being to see Joel, my little brother who is a freshman there. We had a grand time with him (Chinese food, Cards game, DQ, and brotherly banter).

And now, here I am, at the end of another Sunday. It was a perfectly lazy Sunday. I went to church, a walk in the snow, made Brett Favre a birthday cake, had some good conversation with a friend, phone calls from my younger siblings (Tabby excitedly told me that she sat on her bedroom floor with Hannah doing absolutely nothing and Sam won another tennis match) and watched lots of baseball. I'd say I have pretty good momentum for the week (besides the fact that I should've been in bed 2 hours ago due to a prolonged illness).

No profound insight today, just a little update. Oh, and happy Monday:).

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Katie said...

Happy Monday to you! I never realized how much of a bummer sports could be until I went to the Air Force vs. Navy game with Caleb and cheered with all my might right up until they lost the game in overtime.

You are good at doing short updates. I should learn from you.