Sunday, October 4, 2009

Words of Wisdom from "Zombieland": Enjoy the Little Things

So far my resolution to keep up with this thing is working out! I'm back to report that yet another fall break has come and gone. My last one, in fact. Eeesh. I'm old. You don't really think about things as being your last until the next year comes around and they're not there anymore. I was telling my mom that as of now it just feels like I'm going to do this whole college thing all over again next year. I don't think it'll hit me that I'm not until next fall rolls around and I'm not packing up my limited belongings and making the trek back to Iowa's fertile campus.

On the one hand, that offers some regret, because looking back you realize that whatever it was that you were experiencing for the last time should've been more meaningful, but at the time, it was just another thing you were doing. But in a sense, it's the best that way. For me, anyway. I don't particularly like things planned out, and just letting them happen the way they happen seems to be a pretty good approach to me. No expectations. Things don't necessarily get any better if you think they have to be. What did I get out of this last-fall-break-ever? Nothing spectacular, but lots of little awesome things. And perhaps this is coming from having just seen a movie called "Zombieland" in which one of the morals emerging (yes, it has some morals!) proved to be "Enjoy the little things."

Over this break I got to watch my first movie ever on pay-per-view because my Dad had a coupon that expired the next day. I watched "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" because I knew there was no way I could ever justify spending money on it. I played President trivia off of the back of a placemat with my two little sisters and brother. We told scary stories with lights out and a flashlight. I made brownies. I watched a sunrise for the first time since the end of the summer. I watched college football with my brothers. I went to a ridiculously stupid horror movie that almost made me laugh to the point of tears. I ate Italian food with my big brothers. I went apple picking! I got to try a pumpkin pie smoothie. I debated the vibrancy of the fall landscape with my brother. I got to see my little brother's tennis match for the first time ever. And the list could go on and on (which I guess it already has, sorry:/), but I did enjoy the little things this weekend:).

The fact that I'll never get this particular break again doesn't mean that I won't have those moments again. I'll just have different ones at different times, maybe with different people. That's an exciting thought. And I am now back on campus, sipping coffee and reading Greek tragedy, trying to figure out what I'm going to write my analysis on that's due on Tuesday while trying not to think about the big game tomorrow. Bring on the little things:).

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